Help: DText

DText is the name for Danbooru's custom text formatting language. It's a mishmash of several markdown languages including Textile, MediaWiki, and BBCode.

URLs are automatically linked.
<<|Custom Text URL Link>>
Generates a link with text specified between | and >>.
[b]strong text[/b]
Makes text bold.
[i]emphasized text[/i]
Makes text italicized.
[[wiki page]]
Links to the wiki.
{{touhou monochrome}}
Links to a post search.
post #1234
Links to post #1234.
forum #1234
Links to forum #1234.
comment #1234
Links to comment #1234.
pool #1234
Links to pool #1234.
[spoiler]Some spoiler text[/spoiler]
Marks a section of text as spoilers.


      A paragraph.

      Another paragraph
      that continues on multiple lines.

      h1. An Important Header

      h2. A Less Important Header

      h6. The Smallest Header

      bob said:

      When you are quoting someone.


      * Item 1
      * Item 2
      ** Item 2.a
      ** Item 2.b
      * Item 3